Monday, October 31, 2011

(only) 4 Secrets for Formatting Thesis in a Fast Way

Research and writing report are different things. Formatting report is also another thing. Some time, formatting the report spends much time longer than doing the research itself, huh... But, it will never happen if we have sufficient knowledges on the word processor, MS Word.

To format your report (means thesis) following UKM style in a fast way, you only need to learn 4 items:
3. Numbering
Caption & Cross-Reference

Style is one of the most powerful features in MS Word. A style is something like a formatting shortcut. After you set the style up with a specific format (ex: font, color, size etc), you can apply the format to a text by simply clicking the shortcut. In addition to saving a lot of time, a style ensures the format consistency in a document. See: Make Your Thesis Style using STYLES

What does heading mean? A heading's meaning closes to a hierarchy of a document. Simply, you can assign Heading 1 for Chapter, Heading 2 for sub-chapter, Heading3 for sub-sub-chapter etc. MS Word provides built-in styles and standard headings, namely Heading 1, Heading 2, until Heading 9. The power of headings is not only to make a fast and consistent hierarchy in a doc, but by applying headings, you can easily create hierarchic numbers, table of contents and cross references. See: 7 Powers of HEADINGS 

Numbering is a main task in writing a thesis. We need to format hierarchic chapter numbers (chapter, sub-chapter, sub-sub-chapter), caption numbers (including chapter number) for figure and table, equation numbers and page numbers. Since numbers are used in every pages, manual numbering procedure will make headaches along your journey in finishing a thesis. See: How to Create Numbered Headings or Outlines  

A caption is a title of figure or table. It should be numbered sequentially and included the chapter number. A caption also can be used for cross references in text. See: Creating (automatic) Captions for Figures/Tables/Rajah/Jadual.

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Write and Graduate! Success is in your hand.



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