Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gaya UKM, what kind of fashion is it?


Does UKM organize a fashion show?
Or... is there a UKM's birthday celebration?
Maybe... UKM decorates its landscapes and buildings for Hari Merdeka, doesn't it?

No no no... bro n sis...

Gaya UKM is a thesis format. It is a writing style that must be applied on UKM student's thesis. Yes, if you are UKM students, undergraduate, master or PhD degree, you have to follow this style. Otherwise, your thesis will be rejected by the Faculty and you can't proceed your degree. Ho ho ho, poor you... :-)

Where can I get the guidance of Gaya UKM? Guys... just go to the Center for Graduate Management (Pusat Pengurusan Siswazah or PPS,, ask the counter staff that you will buy a book of UKM Style Guide (in English) or Panduan Penulisan Thesis Gaya UKM (in Malay). It costs RM 10~15 only. Or, you can visit PPS website and download from the links provided.

What does the book contain? This book with more than 100 pages contains general rules of thesis format (paper size, font, cover, numbering), what a thesis should consist of, how to cite references in paragraphs and how to write a list of references. It also provides samples of thesis style (cover, paragraph etc). Again, you have to read and follow this guidance to graduate.

Does this book solve your problem in writing thesis? Maybe yes, maybe no. Yes, if you follow the style, you can proceed yourselves to the graduation day, and of course, make your family happy :-). But, remember that this book is only a style of UKM thesis. It doesn't teach you on how to exactly write a thesis using Microsoft Word, an example of a word processor software, following Gaya UKM. Or, how to compose your bibliography using EndNote.

He he he ... don't worry girls, it is worth you are here. This blog shares tutorials, tips and tricks related to the above matters. For four keywords: thesis, Gaya UKM, MS Word and EndNote, you will find answers here.

Write and Graduate! Success is in your hand.


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