Monday, November 21, 2011

How to use EndNote in 3 minutes

This tutorial will show you how to use EndNote X4 in the easiest way.

Step-1: Create a library
a. Open your EndNote program, open File > New. Put your preferred file name (My PhD Library.enl).

b. Enter your references to the library

There are two basic methods for entering references to a library, i.e. manual data entry and direct export. Other methods will be discussed later.
Procedures to enter data manually:
- Open your library, click New Reference
- Select Reference Type
- Enter the data, include the PDF/DOC full paper.

Procedures to enter references using direct export method are as follows:
- Open a scientific database (Web of Knowledge, Science Direct etc). For example, we use WoK.
- Search your references using your keywords
- See the list you got. Select the title(s) you want to import and click EndNote icon.
- Select 'Open with: ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper (Default)' on the Firefox pop up, then click OK.
- See your library in EndNote. The selected references were already imported and located in the Imported References folder.

The above procedures work on Firefox. If you are using Chrome, this internet browser could not insert the WoK file to EndNote automatically. Therefore, you have to save the file (*.do). Then, in the EndNote program, click 'Import' icon. Select the downloaded file from WoK and click Import.

The above example is importing procedures for WoK. Other scientific databases have different interfaces and icons, but the concept is similar.

- The imported data are only information related to references. They do not contain the full papers of the references. To download the full paper, select the title on the list and then click 'Find Full Text' icon. If the paper is free or you have a subscription to access it, EndNote will search through internet and attach the full paper to your library.

Step-2: Insert a citation in a document
- Place your cursor on a location in your DOC, select EndNote menu. Click Insert Citation and then click Find Citation.
- Enter a keyword to find a reference, click Find.
- Select a reference you want to enter to your doc and then click Insert.
- The citation was already inserted to the text and a bibliography appears in the end of document.

Write and Graduate! Success is in your hand.

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