Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gaya UKM Output Style for EndNote (Corrected ver. 24/10/11)

I got a copy of Gaya UKM output style for EndNote that officially produced by PTSL. I made some modifications to ensure the output style is in accordance with Gaya UKM. You may download both files using the below links. If you have any comments and modifications, please let us know than we can share to others.

Gaya Petikan UKM 2011 (original version from PTSL)
Gaya Petikan UKM 2011 v1-sra (corrected version 24/10/11)

Original note
Panduan gaya UKM ini dihasilkan berdasarkan panduan Penulisan tesis gaya UKM 2010, edisi semakan kedua. Ini merupakan versi 1 4/2011. Edit 4/23/2011. (by PTSL UKM)

Modifications LOGS by GoWin
6 October 2011
  • Add v1-sra on the file name
  • Citation template. Previous: "(Author Year)", now: "Author Year" (without bracket) to handle citations in source/sumber of figure/table
  • Bibliography template for Webpage. Previous: "Author.   Year.   Title.   URL [Access Date].", now "Author.   Year.   Title.   URL [Access Date Access Year]."
  • Author name option. Previous: Normal, now: As Is
  • Journal article. Previous: "Author.   Year.   Title.  Journal  Volume(Issue): Pages.", now: "Author.   Year.   Title.  Journal  Volume|(Issue)|: Pages."
  • Title capitalization. Previous: Headline style capitalization, now: Leave title as entered

9 Oct 2011

  • Citation/Author list/Authors separator: add a space before and after "&".

24 Oct 2011

  • Remove all double spaces in bibliography

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  1. Thank you very much, but can you please re-upload the files because it is not longer exist

  2. please upload to mediafire link. Thank you.

  3. Kindly, update the link because the file has been deleted. Thank you

  4. Still not downloadable ("No such file" in

  5. makasih gan postingan nya sangat menarik
    lanjutkan terus gan


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