Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to create (automatic) captions for figures/tables with chapter number

Gaya UKM applies a chapter-number rule for figures and tables.

Figure 5.1 --> figure no. 1 in chapter 5
Table 3.4 --> table no 4 in chapter 3

How to create a figure's title, or we call a caption, in MS Word following Gaya UKM?

MS Word provides tools to create captions with an automatic numbering system. Term 'automatic' means if we add a figure before/after existing figures we have, we do not need to modify the figure's numbers manually. MS Word  updates their numbers for us. Using headings, we also can include the chapter number in a caption number. However, MS Word can't convert a roman value of chapter number (I, II, etc) to an arabic type of caption number (1, 2, etc) as required by Gaya UKM.

We can do a trick to solve this problem as follows:
  1. Put the cursor on the place you want to create the caption
  2. Click References - Insert Caption in Captions group. Click New Label, in the Label type "Figure 1." (without "", with dot (.)) for caption in chapter 1. Then click OK.
  3. Now you have caption "Figure 1. 1". There is a space between . and 1, therefore delete this space to make it in accordance with Gaya UKM.
  4. To create next figures in chapter 1, copy the caption "Figure 1.1". Paste to any place you want. Select the caption, right click, then click Update Field. Now you have "Figure 1.2"
  5. You have to repeat the above procedures to create captions in each chapter.
After you have the caption, you may also need to refer the caption in the text. I will come out with this topic: How to refer a caption in text, later. [Update: see How to use a cross reference method]

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  1. really appreciate this!!! thanks

  2. Hi, thx but this trick has issue. The caption does not reset when we have reach to the next chapter. Because it ignores heading 1 as heading 1 refer to chapter number.


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