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How to create numbered headings or outlines

As mentioned in Numbering Systems in UKM Style, Gaya UKM applies multilevel numbers for a chapter and sub-chapters until 3 levels + 2. This numbering systems can be easily created using numbered headings in MS Word. There are two keywords for this topic: Headings Style and List Style. A headings style is format for each heading (font, paragraph, tab, etc) while a list style is a mechanism for coordinating all headings used.

To visualize our work, we have an example of outline for Chapter 1 and we then need to create the numbering systems for this outline.

1. Set up the headings styles
Before we start to create a numbering systems, the headings styles must be appropriately setup first. Right click on the 'Introduction' text, select 'Styles', click on 'Save Selection as a New Quick Style'.

Give a name for your first heading: 'UKM Heading 1'. Click 'Modify', change the font, size, color, bold and make it center alignment. For right now, this format is enough but you have to set up details for your thesis. Repeat the above procedures to set up UKM Heading 2 until 5. Remember to align the text to left.

2. Create a list style
This is an important step in creating numbered outline since the list style coordinates the headings. To create a list style, on the Home menu, in the Paragraph group, click 'Multilevel List' icon, then click 'Define a New List Style'. Give a name: UKM Headings (plural, means a group of headings). Click 'Format' on the lower left corner, click 'Numbering'.

Now, you need to setup the numbering format of each heading.
a. Link each numbering level to a style. Click '1' on 'Click level to modify' (circle no 1), then click 'UKM Heading 1' on 'Link level to style' (circle no 2).
b. Setup the number format (circle no 3 and 4).
c. For level 2 and 3, select from 'Include level number from:' (circle no 5) if you want to include the previous level number. For example, 1.1 and 1.1.1.
d. Click 'Legal style numbering' (circle no 6) to convert a roman number (I, II, etc) to arabic number (1, 2, etc).
e. On the 'Aligned at', put 0. Then click on 'Set for all levels'.

DONE. Now your numbered outline is ready.Of course, it needs some alterations to fulfill UKM Style format.

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