Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Numbering Systems in UKM Style

There are four types of numbering systems in UKM style, which are as follows:

1. Chapter
For chapter, UKM style applies 3+2 levels of numbering, i.e.:
BAB I PENDAHULUAN --> upper case, bold, Roman number
1.1 PENGENALAN --> upper case, bold, Arab number (including the chapter number, need tricks in MS Word)
1.1.1 Pengenalan Jenis Bandar --> capitalize each word, bold.
a. Bandar besar --> sentence case, Attn: Multiple list of is not allowed
i. Kuala Lumpur --> sentence case
After i, numbering is not allowed. Even there are five levels in text, but the table of contents includes only three levels.

See page 14 of Buku Panduan for detail about spacing.

2. Figure/table/equation
Figure/table/equation should be numbered sequentially and follow their chapter number (using Arab numbers).
Ex: Figure 2.4 --> figure 4 in chapter 2
      (5.3) --> equation 3 in chapter 5

3. Page
A page number is inserted on the upper right of page without chapter number. A page number is not appear on the first page of each chapter. Title, acknowledgment, abstract etc use numbering system of i, ii, iii etc. 

4. Appendix
Appendixes are numbered with APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B etc.
    Later, we will discuss on how to use headings, multilevel list and captions which are provided by MS Word to easily create numbering systems in our thesis.

    Write and Graduate! Success is in your hand.

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    1. hi guys ... can you tell me how to make my references in gaya UKM
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