Friday, November 25, 2011

How to use a cross-reference method

One of secrets for formatting your thesis in a fast way is utilizing captions & cross-references. A (numbered) caption is a built-in (numbered) title for a figure, table or equation as was explained here while a cross-reference is a method to refer or cite captions in paragraphs.

What is the benefit of using cross-reference method?
A cross-reference system in MS Word serves an automatic referencing method. If a referred caption was updated, then the citation in the text will be automatically updated. It saves your time and energy since no manual update for each citation is needed. In addition, a citation in text will be linked to the referred caption, therefore you may able to explore the document easily.

How to use a cross-reference method?
For example, you need to write a citation to Rajah 2.3 in the text: "... seperti dipaparkan pada Rajah 2.3."
a. Create caption for Rajah 2.3. See: How to create a caption for figures/tables
b. Put your cursor on the paragraph you want to enter the reference.
c. Select References tab, click Cross-reference in the Captions group.
d. Select Rajah 2. in the Reference Type:, select Only label and number in the Insert reference to:, select the figure from the list, then click Insert.


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