Monday, November 14, 2011

How to find out a journal ranking, Q-level & impact factor

Thomson Reuters provides lists of journal titles which are indexed by ISI Web of Science. However, these lists only contain journal titles and ISSNs without any information related to their ranking and impact factor. To find out both information, you must observe the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of each title. What JCR is and why JCR is important were described in 2010 Journal Citation Reports - Available Now.

JCR contains not only the journal ranking and impact factor, but also quantitative and statistical evaluations of the journal based on citation data. Thomson Reuters applies a policy that JCR is a confidential report, therefore only subscribed readers can access it.

Step-1: Open JCR Home site
If you are online using your campus internet network (which subscribes to ISI Thomson), you can directly connect to JCR HOME site. JCR front interface is shown below:

If you are outside campus, you are required to login through PTSL e-JOURNAL PORTAL.

After loggin, if you are not directed to JCR Home site, search for 'Journal Citation Reports' on the list and click on it.

Step-2: Select the JCR categories and options
Select the JCR category (left side) and options (right side), then click Submit. For instance, we search for 'JCR Science Edition 2010' and 'View a group of journals by: Subject Category', then click on 'Submit'. Select the category you need from the list and click on 'Submit'.

A Journal Summary List is provided for you that includes titles, ranking, impact factor and other details. You can short the list based on your preference.

Step-3: Explore JCR of a title in details
To explore the complete JCR of a title, simply click the title on the list. Where can I find out the Q ranking? On the 'Journal Information', click 'Journal Ranking'

I have a journal title or ISSN but don't know the category, how can I find out the JCR?
At the JCR Home site, select 'Search for a specific journal' (right side option), then 'Submit'.  Select 'Search by', key in 'Type search term', then click on 'SEARCH'. Easy, isn't it?

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