Saturday, November 26, 2011

Writing a Whole Thesis with 1Thesis 1File Method

Students usually write their thesis in one file for each chapter whereas writing a whole thesis in one file gives more benefits, as follows:
1.Chapter numbers can be sequentially generated using numbered headings method. See: How to create numbered headings
2. Page numbers can be inserted for all pages. If the last number of a chapter page is change, you don't need to manually update the page number of next chapter.
3. You can refer to numbered items, figures, tables or equations from different chapters.
4. A bibliography generated by EndNote will be automatically placed after your last chapter. See: Tutorial vedios on EndNote
5. References which are cited more than once in paragraphs will be listed in the bibliography once.
6. A table of contents and list of figures/tables can be instantly generated (only if you write the document using numbered headings and captions). See: How to create numbered headings
7. You can see the document map or navigation pane of all contents.

Write and Graduate! Success is in your hand.


  1. 1thesis 1file is only convenient when it comes to formatting but it makes the writing process feels so heavy.

  2. In term of expressing our idea in a thesis, what is the different between writing Chapter 1 in chapter1.docx and myfullthesis.docx? 1thesis 1file technique offers us many useful advantages.

  3. Sometimes separating the chapters will not give you headache if your thesis folder is infected by virus and the whole thing cannot be opened.

  4. ukm style huhu..when i buy the book about ukm style its so hard to umderstand how they put the margin in i cant understand how to set up in ms so unconvinient because we need tu use ruler to make sure the margin style is stupid style

  5. Hahahaha! You're funny! I bet this is your first time using MS Word, no? You can always CHANGE THE UNIT in your MS Word. If you're using MS Word 2010, go to 'File' tab, then click 'Options'. The 'Word Options' popup menu will appear. Click at 'Advanced' in the menu and then look for 'Show measurements in units of' under the 'Display' section. Change it to your desired unit and don't forget to click 'OK' after you're done. Hahaha. You don't know how to change the unit and you blame UKM Style? Funny you! Ok2. I'm sorry. It must be hard for you. But the least thing I would do if I were you is ask around. Or I google it up. Hiks.

    1. where's the like button? kekkeke

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  7. Awesome tips! At last something useful for my thesis! Thanks !

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